Nimitta - The Science of Omens

This class describes how to use omens to enhance insight and awareness, and to make predictions.

Nimitta is the science of omens.  Typically assigned to the realm of superstition, Omens have been used effectively by most ancient cultures to understand life and to make accurate predictions about the future.  In ancient India, astrologers used the science of Nimitta as an extension of Vedic astrology.  In fact, one need not be an astrologer to use this science or to take this course.  In the past,  every householder in India used and benefitted from a little knowledge of common omens in his immediate environment.  In this class, Jim presents the science of omens in a new light, bringing it out of the area of superstition and into the light of awareness.  Intelligently used, Nimitta allows one to extend his awareness to the subtle clues given by the environment in such a way as to read those clues and better understand the workings of karma. 

During the class, Jim presents a variety of omens and techniques for how to use them properly, including the use of direction, numbers, colors, tastes, smells, time of day, and a variety of other factors. Although the class is given in a format that includes the use of occasional horoscopes,  for the benefit of showing astrologers how to use omens in their practice, it is a class that any non astrologer can easily understand and utilize.

Prerequisites: None  
Class consists of an audio and video slide presentation.
6 Classes | Over 7 Recorded Hours

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