Vedic Astrology, Karma & Transformation

This is a unique class that focuses on how to make your Vedic chart, and the science of Jyotish, more relevant to your life. Vedic astrology is an amazing science, that is  at the foundation of the ancient Vedic tradition.   During the class, I will show you how the Vedic chart reflects your past life karma through the Dashas (planetary periods) and the Transits (planets moving through the sky).  We will explore the tapestry of the chart, through the planets, signs and Nakshatras,  and learn to use the chart as a tool for positive transformation and change. All too often, astrologers give the impression that the horoscope reflects unalterable  fate.  In this class we will learn how the chart is actually a tool for empowerment and metamorphosis.  It's one thing to get a Vedic astrology reading and to have the astrologer describe your life.  It is quite another thing to understand how to use those insights in the context of spiritual evolution. This presentation will help you appreciate the central role that Jyotish plays as the science of light and the practical application of the Theory of Karma. 

Prerequisites:  This webinar is appropriate for everyone.  You don't need to be an astrologer to understand it. It is not a technical class.  However, it will make more sense to you if you have already had a Vedic Natal chart reading.

Format:      Slidshow - four 90 minute MP4 recordings.

Purchasing  and  accessing  the class:   First pay for the class on the website. You will be sent a  link to download the recordings.  

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