Mantras for the Nine Planets

This recording presents the bija mantras for the 9 planets chanted by South Indian Pundit, Ravichandran. Each mantra is chanted 108 times and is beautifully arranged against the haunting drone of an Indian tambura.

These mantras are easy to learn, and can be used by anyone to enhance the effect of the planets in the horoscope, thereby improving various aspects of life. During a particular planetary period, for example, chanting (or listening to) the mantra of the planet which rules the dasha can enhance and promote success and happiness during the period. These mantras can also be used to focus on improving particular areas of life, such as relationships, finances or health. Listening to all 9-planets daily can assist in tuning-in to all of the planets in the chart and is a good way to strengthen the horoscope in general.

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