Terms and Conditions

Terms, Conditions, and Expectations

for Readings with James Kelleher

1.  The first reading for any new client is a natal chart.  There are no exceptions to this.  My intention is to build from the ground up with each new client. The foundation of that relationship is the natal chart. I understand that you may have had many natal charts in the past, but I don't want to build on the work of other astrologers, no matter how respected or famous that astrologer might be.

2.   During your reading you are expected to treat the event with respect, giving it your undivided attention.  That means that I will not do the reading if you are driving or multitasking in some other way.

3.  Similarly, please do not call me from a crowded public place such as a restaurant for your reading.  

4.  It goes without saying,  do not come to the reading  (or call for your reading)  directly after consuming alcohol or taking drugs. Jyotish is a subtle practice that works best when you are alert and present.

5.  Phone readings:   It is recommended that you have a quite place to sit while listening to your reading.  Please arrange for someone to take care of your children, etc., beforehand so that you can be free to pay attention to the reading.    Make sure that you have given me both the number that you want me to call for the reading, as well as a cell phone number in case you are not at the main number.  

6.  Please do not book anything else directly after the reading.  I am usually on time, but I also sometimes get backed up and can be late.  So you will need to allow for this possibility with your personal shedule.  For example,  If you have a one hour reading sheduled, allow 90 minutes just to be safe.

7.   Rectifications:   Although I am willing to work with the birth time derived from the rectification of another astrologer, I do not recommend it.  See me for more about rectification and other alternatives for working with uncertain birth times.

Cancellation Policy:  I have a 48 hour cancellation policy.  That means that you can cancel your reading up to 48 hours before the appointment time with no charge.  If you cancel within the 48 hour period, regardless of the reason.  You will be charged the full fee.   Please note, personal disasters, accidents, illnesses,  business conflicts,  etc., are not exempt from the cancellation policy.  Once you make the reading, you own the time, so if something happens that prevents you from making it to the reading, that also belongs to you.

Recording:  I will record the reading for you.  The reading is in an MP3 format and will be sent to you via email.  Please download the recording ASAP after the reading.  I  try to archive all the readings I do, but technical disasters have happened in the past and I have lost data, so I do not guarantee that I will be able to replace the file if you lose it.  Normally it is possible, but I recommend that you download it immediately and save the recording in a couple of locations on your computer in case the file gets corrupted.  If you would like to do your own recording from your end, you are welcome to do that as well.

If you are technically challenged, here are instructions for downloading the recording:  You will receive an email from me that has a link in it for the file.  Click on the link.  That will take you to another page where you will see your file.  It will look like this:  Jones, John, natal, 7-5-2012    Click on the file.  Then choose SAVE.  The file will download to your computer. 

If you are still having trouble after trying these directions, call me and I will walk you through it.  It is very easy so don't worry.

Tape Recordings:  I do not do tape recordings. 

Suggestions : 

Questions: I would recommend that you think about your questions before the reading.  Write them down if that helps you.  Do not wait until the end of your hour to ask your questions.  I will have to go on to the next client and may not have time to answer, so make sure you interrupt me during the reading to ask any question you have.

Feedback:  At times during the reading I may ask you, does that track?  or,  Is that your experience?  A simple yes or no is usually sufficient.  If you feel the need to give me  a long and in depth description of your experience, that is perfectly alright, but it isn't usually necessary, and it can fill up your recording with your own voice.  It is up to you.  Some people really need to process by telling me what happened.  I understand this and it's fine, but it does eat up your time. 

Disclaimer:  Vedic Astrology is a great spiritual science based on the law of Karma.  The karmic patterns are symbolized by the planets in the horoscope which indicated tendencies not certainties.  Nothing that is said by me in a reading is etched in stone or absolute.  Like every astrologer,  I am interpreting symbols and giving my opinion, so you should use common sense in utilizing the information that I give. It's just my opinion, not infallible truth.