Prashna is the art of answering questions using Vedic astrology.  In ancient times, many people did not have accurate birth data, so astrologers were not able to make their natal charts.  Instead, the astrologer would make a horoscope for the date, time and place of the arrival of the client.  Sometimes he would make a chart for the moment of asking a question.  He would also study the omens surrounding the question, and even check which nostril was flowing more freely. These things would give the astrologer many clues as to the nature of the question. In some cases the astrologer would even be able to tell the exact  question the client was about to ask.  He would then give an accurate prediction, as well as many details related to the question, all without the help of a natal chart.

In this class Jim will present the art of prashna in the light of modern life.  He will show you how to interpret the prashna chart using the techniques of Tajika astrology, as well as many of the more ancient prashna techniques of South India. In the process,  he will draw on various classical texts, such as Prashna Marga, Prashna Tantra and other standard works.  More importantly, he will show you how to make these techniques work in the modern world,  and how to integrate them into your real-life practice of Jyotish.

Prerequisites:   This class is appropriate for intermediate - advanced students of Jyotish.

Recommended Text: Path of Light - Volume 1 and Volume 2

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