The Transits of Rahu and Ketu

by James Kelleher March 30, 2019

The Transits of Rahu and Ketu

Rahu In Cancer and Ketu in Capricorn

September 9, 2017 - March 23, 2019 
(Yes, I use the True Node)

On September 9, 2017,  Rahu and Ketu changed signs. Rahu moved into Cancer and Ketu moved to Capricorn.  Now they will begin their 18 month journey.

Here is a description of how Rahu will behave in your chart, based on your Vedic Sun Sign. I will post the description of Ketu’s result next month.  If you know your  Lagna (Ascendant), Moon sign, or Arudha Lagna sign you can read the results for those signs as well.  Remember, the dates given here are for a Sidereal zodiac, so they will not match your western signs, so read the dates carefully


Vedic Sun Signs 

Apr 14 - May 14  (Aries)  Transiting Rahu in the Fourth House 

 During this period, you might feel a strong desire to change, or possibly remodel your residence. This could also produce an interest in alternative concept homes.  Since Rahu is a technical planet, sometimes this can give the desire to upgrade computers, televisions, or other technical devices in the home. Avoid making big changes on impulse out of a sense of urgency. On another level, this can also produce restless sleep, strange dreams, or even a little insomnia from time to time. In any case, this period is a time of restlessness, when you don’t feel settled, and you feel like you need to make a change.


May 15 - Jun 14 (Taurus). 

Transiting Rahu in the Third House

You might feel a strong desire to communicate, study, do research, or simply gather information, during this period. Rahu is a planet of technology, so it can increase the number of hours you spend on the Internet. This period can also stimulate a good deal of short journeys and errands. In the area of communication, sometimes this period can give the tendency to say things on impulse. If this is the case for you, then you might consider taking a few deep breaths before you say anything important. The same goes for sending emails. This can also be a good time for educational activities, especially those that are related to science or technology.

Jun 15 - Jul 15 (Gemini)    Transiting Rahu in the Second House

 Rahu may give you the impulse to spend money or make money. In either case, take it easy. Resist the impulse to become obsessed with earning. Try to create balance in your life instead. This is a time when you might have more inclination to spend your money, so it is probably better not to buy or spend on impulse. In fact, this is a period to monitor any compulsive or addictive tendencies, in general. This can be especially true when it comes to diet, so try to avoid becoming too attached to any type of food or drink. On the other hand, this period can also get you to reinvent your way of eating, or to simply eat a wider variety of foods.

Jul 16 - Aug 16 (Cancer)   Transiting Rahu in the First House

During this period, you could have a strong desire to express yourself. You might also feel the desire to reinvent yourself or to project yourself in a different way. You will feel quite independent during this period and will feel less inclined to go along with the crowd.  This is a good time for putting an extra dose of ambitious energy into your career. It also could stimulate more interest in things that are metaphysical, esoteric or astrological. On the negative level, sometimes this transit brings a feeling like you are not fitting in, or that you are somehow not part of the group.

Aug 17 - Sep 16  (Leo)  Transiting Rahu in the Twelfth House

Rahu is transiting through your 12th house, so it might stimulate an interest in travel. This can produce long distance travel of any kind, but it tends to produce foreign travel, or travel to exotic places. The twelfth house is also the house of meditation and introspection, so Rahu is pointing you in this direction as well. In this respect, sometimes this transit can produce an increase of thoughts during meditation. If you fight with the thoughts, or if you feel that your meditation is not working because you have a busy mind, then you are buying-in to Rahu’s illusion. Instead, accept the fact that your mind is busy, and do your meditation anyway. This transit can also occasionally produce restless sleep or strange dreams. Doing things that calm the mind, like meditation, yoga, exercise, or anything else that will get you out of your head and into your body, can be quite helpful.

Sep 17 - Oct 16  (Virgo)  Transiting Rahu in the Eleventh House 

During its transit of Leo, Rahu is pointing to the house of friendship. This might give you a greater interest in connecting with friends, groups, teams or organizations. This is a good period for accomplishing goals, but it is important to also find time to relax and smell the flowers. Normally this is a very productive period, giving you the tendency to put your whole self in to accomplishing desires. In mythology, Rahu was a demon who wanted the nectar of the gods at any cost. He got the nectar, but he also got his head cut off. This symbology suggests that you will be able to move towards your desires now, and that you will do it with gusto, but that your head (your mind) might not be satisfied when you eventually get what you desire. So if you don’t want this to happen, it is important to consciously interrupt the goal oriented compulsion, and take some time to get into your body. Go for walks, meditate, and take up some unstructured time, occasionally. That way, you can have your cake and eat it too!

Oct 17 - Nov 15 (Libra)  Transiting Rahu in the Tenth House 

Rahu is transiting your career house. Since Rahu gives a sense of urgency, this can produce a strong dose of ambitious energy. You could put 110 per cent into your work now, so this period favors accomplishments at work and may get you to work harder than usual. This can be particularly good for technical or scientific work, or work in areas that are unconventional. This is also a good time for making constructive changes in your career, by either redefining it from within, or by completely changing it. This is usually a positive transit that promotes more success in your career. If you are not employed, then it just makes you busier than usual, taking care of various ambitious projects.

Nov 16- Dec 15 (Scorpio)  Transiting Rahu in the Ninth House

During this period, you might become attracted to esoteric or alternative spiritual concepts. Rahu, in mythology, was a heretic. The ninth house represents beliefs. So this transit can get you to think beyond conventional beliefs and philosophies. This can include your philosophy of work, the environment, or even politics. You are expanding your search for the truth, and being drawn to cutting edge ideas and progressive thinking. You are tired of worn out concepts that bring stagnation.

This house also represents travel, so you might also feel the urge to travel to a foreign country or an exotic place. It can also simply produce interesting or surprising experiences when you travel.

Dec 16 - Jan 13 (Sagittarius)  Transiting Rahu in the Eighth House 

This period will bring about a number of changes. It is a time of transformation and metamorphosis. You could change a job, your residence, or simply redefine some aspect of your life. Change is good, but it is also good to not make changes purely out of a sense of urgency or restlessness. So take your time and pay attention to your intuition. If you feel an overwhelming need to make a change, stop, take a deep breath, and then let it go. If it comes back later, repeat this process. If it comes back a third time, and if your friends and advisors think it is good to make the change, then go for it.

Jan 14 - Feb 12 (Capricorn)   Transiting Rahu in the Seventh House

This period focuses on relationships and partnerships. You might feel a strong desire to get into a relationship at this time, but in this respect, it is always good to take your time, especially if you feel very strongly attracted to someone. Sometimes this transit produces an infatuation that doesn't always pan out. Other times, it produces relationships with someone foreign or unconventional. If you are already in a relationship, this is a period to revolutionize it. 

On the negative side, sometimes this transit gives interactions with people who don’t have your best interest in mind. They could backbite, or manipulate you in some way. Rahu is a serpent in mythology, so this can make people act like serpents, occasionally.

Feb 13 - Mar 13 (Aquarius)  Transiting Rahu in the Sixth House

During this period you might find yourself attracted to alternative healing modalities. From the perspective of Ayurveda, Rahu here increases Vata, producing a tendency to be more in your head than your body. This can sometimes produce symptoms that are hard to diagnose or hard to treat. Most of the time, if symptoms arise, they will be sub-clinical, and not serious. If anything arises that requires a serious diagnosis, then it is recommended that you get a second opinion, since this period can also sometimes make it hard to diagnose your condition. On the positive side, this is a good time to reinvent your health routines and to try something new. For example, you might take a yoga class or get an acupuncture treatment. The emphasis on alternative health modalities is a remedial measure for any of the negative aspects of this transit. So the best idea is to do it pro-actively, in advance, as preventative medicine.

Mar 14 - Apr 13 (Pisces)     Transiting Rahu in the Fifth House

This period can promote romantic interests. Rahu is a planet of intensity and passion, so sometimes this can create powerful attractions to people or objects. If this happens, there can be a feeling that the relationship is fated, or that you have been together before in some past life. On the other hand, for some people this transit brings a more intense involvement with children. Sometimes this brings unconventional approaches to raising children or having children. On the negative side, it can sometimes correspond to a time when a child is acting out and asserting his independence.

On the creative level, Rahu’s transit here stimulates creativity by getting you to think outside of the box. It is especially good for creativity or productivity that involves a technical element. It is good for writing and a variety of creative modalities. It also stimulates and promotes education, either learning or teaching, especially anything related to technology, science, astrology, or metaphysics. Your mind is more innovative now and you are open to cutting edge or unconventional ideas.











James Kelleher
James Kelleher


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