Yogas | Planetary Combinations

One of the secrets to understanding a horoscope, is the understanding of Yogas. Yoga means union.  In Jyotish, a yoga is a union of two influences, usually two planets. There are hundreds of classical yogas. For this reason, students frequently avoid this area of jyotish out of sheer overwhelm. In this class, Jim will help you sort out the different types of yogas as well as demonstrate how to use them in chart analysis. He will not only describe these yogas in the rashi chart, but will show how to interpret them in the context of different vargas. He will reveal hidden meanings of these yogas by showing how they manifest in real horoscopes.

Nine Classes | 90 minutes to 2 hours in length each.

Prerequisites: This class is appropriate for intermediate to advanced students of Jyotish.

Recommended Text: Path of Light - Volume 1 and Volume 2

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