Amazing Saturn

How to Remove Obstacles and Experience More Fulfillment in Life

Of all of the planets, Saturn probably gets the worst press. In astrology, Saturn is associated with delays, obstacles, pressures, suffering, ill health and a wide assortment of other negative conditions. Yet, these things are only the expressions of Saturn's shadow side. In fact, Saturn is one of the most magnificent planets. It is responsible for our ability to bring our desires into concrete form. Without Saturn's permission, none of us would be able to produce or obtain anything good in life.

Nevertheless, most people experience some resistance to Saturn. Notice, that we said resistance to Saturn and not resistance from Saturn. In fact, Saturn doesn't produce any resistance in our lives. It is our own resistance to what Saturn has to offer us that produces problems in life.

In this webinar class, Jim will tell you all about Saturn. He will not only familiarize you with Saturn's qualities, but  will also help you identify where Saturn is located, and what it represents, in your individual horoscope so that you can apply the understanding of Saturn to your own life. He will also show you some powerful upayas or remedial methods for helping you "tune in" to Saturn, and remove obstructions and frustration.

Prerequisites: This class is appropriate for everyone.  It does not require any astrological knowledge.

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