Venus, The Path of the Heart - October 17, 2019 (Webinar)

The Path of the Heart:

The road to love, affection, relationship, marriage, sexuality, and creativity


In this two hour presentation, James will teach you everything your ever wanted to know about the planet of love and affection, Venus.  Venus holds the secret key to enjoying your life. It is the planet that brings pleasure, enjoyment, comfort, prosperity, and all of the things that most human beings crave in life.  Understanding Venus, can help you learn to enjoy your life more fully, and how to give and receive love and affection without fear or inhibition.  


Date:  Thursday, October 17, 2019

Time:  7 p.m. Pacific time

Prerequisites: This class is appropriate for everyone.  It does not require any astrological knowledge.

Format:  Webinar. 

Itnsructions for  accessing the Webinar:  First, sign up for the class.  You will receive a link for the webinar one week before the class.

Recording:  This class will be recorded, so you can view it offline at your convenience, later, and don't need to actually attend the webinar.  The recording will be available within seven days after the webinar.


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