Learn How to Use Transits in Chart Interpretation.

One of the most powerful techniques for making predictions in the Vedic chart is transits.  There are a wide variety of transit methods, both simple and complex, available to the modern jyotishi.    In this class Jim will present a systematic and clear way to use these transit techniques in your practice.  He gives a detailed description of all of the various rules, and shows how to use them simply and clearly in numerous example charts. Using transits effectively, the astrologer can easily make more accurate predictions, honing in the timing of events to a more precise period.


Format:  Webinar Recording MP4 Powerpoint Presentation


Fee:  $108

Prerequisites: This class is appropriate for intermediate to advanced students of Vedic astrology. 

Recommended Text: Path of Light, Volume 1 & Volume 2


How to access the recordings.   First purchase the presentation. Once you have completed the purchase, email us at and we will send you a link to download the classes.

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