How to Compare Two Charts for a Relationship

In India, when a young boy and girl are considering marriage, their parents take their charts to the family astrologer for his approval. The astrologer commonly rates the match on a scale of 1-36 points. This system is called the Kuta System. If the couple scores more than 18 points then the marriage is encouraged.

Needless to say, the simplistic use of this method is not very effective. The Kuta system does work, however, especially if taken as a part of a more integrated approach to relationships.

In this class, Jim will show you how to compare two horoscopes for various kinds of relationships and partnerships. He will show you how to describe the main issues and strengths of a relationship using the same comprehensive and systematic method that he has been using in his practice for the past twenty five years.

Class contains both audio and video.

Nine 90 minute classes.

Prerequisites: This class is suitable for intermediate to advanced students of Vedic astrology.

Recommended Text: Path of Light, Volume 1 & Volume 2

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