Jyotish Remedial Measure

This class focuses on the various remedial measures available to the Jyotishi. I show you how to recommend gems, mantras, and other techniques for the purpose of helping your clients align themselves with the energy of the grahas. 

In the past, the recommendation of gemstones and other remedies has teetered on the edge of superstition. Even though the remedial side of Jyotish was possibly the first and also one of the greatest healing systems, the current state of its practice leaves a great deal to be desired.

In this class, I will present a safe and sane approach to various remedies. I will show you how to apply this aspect of astrology to modern people in a modern world.

I will show you how to take it out of the realm of superstition and approach it in a manner that is both beneficial and practical.  In the process, we will look at numerous case studies.  Students will be encouraged to bring their own examples to class as well.

Prerequisites: This class is best suited to advanced or intermediate students.


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