How to Give a Reading | Part 2

A great spiritual teacher once said, "The most important thing, is knowing what's the most important thing!"  When it comes to giving a reading, these are words to live by.  Students of Jyotish frequently remark that, in spite of their years of study, they still don't quite feel comfortable giving a reading.  They don't know what to emphasize or how to synthesize the many diverse factors in a horoscope.   The "How to Give a Reading" series is intended to show students how to ground their knowledge in the act of giving an actual reading.  In Part 1, James helped students dive into the core elements of horoscope reading.   In this class, he goes more deeply into the art of natal chart interpretation.  He will show you how to read the chart in the areas of finance, children, parents, brothers and sisters, and spirituality.  He will also bring in more case studies and will give weekly chart analysis for homework.

Prerequisites: This class is appropriate for students of all levels, including beginners who have at least read Path of Light - Volume 1. In order to take the class you must have an understanding of the basic astrological terms. For example, you will need to know the planetary rulers of each sign,  as well as each planet's own sign, debilitation and exaltation  signs.  You should also be able to tell what planet is the ruler of each house and in which house it is placed. An ability to identify the location of each of the nakshatras is also recommended.

Recommended Text: Path of Light - Volume 1 and Volume 2


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