Medical Astrology - Part 2 (Advanced Studies)

In this class, Jim will build on the foundation presented in the Medical Astrology class.  He will show you how to identify an expanded set of disease types in the chart.  In addition he will go more deeply into the factors that predict the onset of, and the recovery from, disease.  This class will help you hone in your skills so that you can give your clients a more dependable and accurate assessment of their health.

Prerequisites: This class is appropriate for intermediate and advanced students. It is an extension of the Medical Astrology Class, so it is recommended that students take that class first, but it is not mandatory. In order to take the class you must have an understanding of the basic astrological terms. For example, you will need to know the planetary rulers of each sign, as well as the each planet's own sign, debilitation and exaltation  sign. You should also be able to tell what planet is the ruler of each house and in which house it is placed. An ability to identify the location of each of the nakshatras is also recommended.

Recommended Text: Path of Light - Volume 1 and Volume 2

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