Jyotish as a Healing System

Jyotish as a Healing System

Jyotish is also a great healing system. In fact, it is probably the most fundamental of all healing systems, because it is based on a profound understanding of the root cause of suffering. In this respect, Jyotish does not focus on healing only the physical body. It treats all aspects of life. In the process it employs a wide range of techniques which, although unfamiliar to most westerners, are very effective.

The healing methods employed by Jyotish are unique and varied. Based on the horoscope, for example, the Jyotishi (Vedic Astrologer) might recommend that the client wear a particular gemstone, chant a mantra, give money to a charity, or have a Yajna (fire ritual) performed in order to enhance the client's career, finances, relationships or physical health. These techniques are called upayas and have been passed down through an aural tradition over thousands of years.

Although some of these techniques are a little difficult for the average westerner to digest, they are all based on a very profound understanding of human life. This understanding is rooted in the theory of karma. According to this theory, the human being exists on many levels. On one level he has a physical body. This is the level on which most western scientists focus. On another level, however, the human being has an aura as well. The aura is an energy field that surrounds the physical body. It is interesting to note that this energy field has been described in detail in the ancient vedic texts. Modern science, on the other hand, denied its existence for hundreds of years, saying that it couldn't be seen or measured and was, therefore, simply superstition. With the advance of technology, however, now the aura can be not only detected, but also photographed, and modern scientists have changed their tune. They begrudgingly admit the existence of the aura.

I do not mean to digress here, but it is important to point out that it is not the fault of modern science that it has not been able to detect the human aura until quite recently. After all, it is a relatively new way of gaining knowledge. In fact compared to Vedic science, which is probably more than 10,000 years old, modern science is still in its infancy. No wonder it has only been able to skim the surface of human existence, perceiving only physical values. It this respect, it is even understandable that modern scientists are typically condescending in their attitude towards astrology and other spiritual sciences. The young are typically cocky and overconfident. As they get older, however, children gradually find out that their parents are not only knowledgeable, but also possessed of wisdom, born of years of life experience. This perception develops only with age and maturity, neither of which modern science possesses at the moment.

In any case, within the aura is a still subtler sheath called the causal body, which is the repository of karmic impressions. It is on this level that the upayas of Vedic astrology have their effect. The karmic impressions in the causal body are what produce the unique style of energy expressed in the aura. The aura and the mind are interconnected. In a sense we can say that the aura is a projection of the mind and visa versa. By creating an effect on the level of the causal body (aura) we naturally create an effect on the mind. In this respect the aura and the mind are like two legs of a table. You can't pull one without the other coming along. In Vedic Astrology we use upayas to shift the way the aura vibrates so that the mind will shift its thinking patterns in a positive way. This gives the person a greater ability to solve problems and fulfill desires.

Law of Sympathetic Resonance

At the core of the remedial measures used in Jyotish is the understanding that karma, which is the root cause of suffering, is impressed on the causal body in the form of vibration. The upayas (remedial measures) of Jyotish seek to impact the karmic impressions by introducing sympathetic vibrations. The principle by which many of these upayas work is well known in modern physics as The Law of Sympathetic Resonance. According to this law, striking a tuning fork on one side of a room will cause a piano string on the other side of the room to spontaneously begin to vibrate, sounding either the same note or a harmonic of the note sounded by the tuning fork. This is a principle that musicians also know well and utilize daily. In jyotish, we sometime recommend gemstones, or mantras, both of which are known to have specific vibratory properties, in order to create sympathetic vibrations in the causal body. The result is to both facilitate the shedding of karmic impressions and also to harmonize the person's mind with the planetary energies connected with those karmas.


Of all the upayas recommended by Jyotish is, it is probably gemstones that get the most attention. Gemstones have been used for thousands of years as remedial measures. In fact, it is only since the advent of modern science, which in its youthful overconfidence has labeled many useful techniques as superstition, that gemstones have gone out of vogue as tools for improving the quality of life. In the past, however, gemstones were originally valued for their astrological qualities. The Kings and Queens of ancient India, for example, wore gemstones more for the purpose of promoting prosperity peace and happiness, than for their decorative value. They also understood that gems, like herbs, are very powerful medicine, so they would only wear the gemstone recommended by a good astrologer.

In the modern world, however, people look at gemstones as a personal decoration. The only hint of the ancient connection between astrology and gemology is the somewhat vague and completely useless list of astrological birthstones which can still be found on the counter (or under the counter) of most jewelry stores. In the west, buying an expensive gemstone is thought to be self-indulgence rather than necessity. Of course, with the increasing popularity of Jyotish in the West, all that is slowly changing. Even though Vedic Astrology is still a rather new practice in western countries, it is becoming more common that well-educated and highly successful westerners are

Examples of results from using Gemstones

The results of wearing a prescribed astrological gemstone vary widely from individual to individual. Like any great healing system, Jyotish has its miracle cures. In many cases, however, the person notices general improvement in certain areas over a period of months or even years after putting on a gemstone. Here are some anecdotal cases that typify results from wearing gems.

J.B. (Fairfield, IA) "Since putting on the Diamond you recommended, my income has more than doubled".

M.P. (Palo Alto, CA) " Very soon after wearing the stone you suggested, I changed my profession. I now feel much more fulfilled in my work".

M.H. (San Jose, CA) "Since putting on the emerald you suggested, I started working again. I am feeling more confident. I am much more assertive and my self-esteem has gone way up. I have a friend who has always been very dominant. For the first time, I find that I am speaking up for myself and not letting her push me around. I have experienced a great improvement in communications generally".

K.F. (New York, NY) "After wearing the gemstones for less than a month, I got a promotion to Vice President of my company. I was transferred to Europe, got a great apartment, and have enjoyed a much more active social life".

B.D. (Healdsburg, CA) At a time when I least suspected to be making a career change, my life went down a very different path. I got a pearl which you had said might help create more balance and reduce the high levels of stress I was experiencing at work. After six months of wearing the pearl I experienced a shift in my work place and resigned from my job. This is not usually my style, but I went with the flow and all kinds of work opened up to me after a few months. I am now working with far more flexibility, a lot less stress, and overall much more satisfaction. I guess the pearls of wisdom were always inside me, I just needed to wear the pearl so I could actualize them!


Mantras are words, usually in Sanskrit, which are used to create a specific vibratory influence. In Jyotish, we use mantras that have vibratory qualities that harmonize with the vibration of certain planets. The mantras are chanted for the purpose of diminishing negative experiences and enhancing positive experiences in various aspects of life. In this respect they are very much like gemstones in their effect. With mantras, however, there is the added value that chanting mantras is much more beneficial for spiritual development than wearing gemstones. Even if the person is chanting a mantra in order to improve their finances, the very nature of chanting mantras is prayer, and is therefore a higher form of upaya.

There is another benefit to using mantras. Mantras can be used for a wider variety of planets than gemstones. In a person's chart, there are usually between 1-3 gemstones that can safely be worn. The mantras for all of the 9 planets, on the other hand, can be chanted safely, provided they are pronounced correctly. This makes mantras more flexible, making it possible to improve almost any area of life through the use of mantras.

The drawback for some people, of course, is that mantras take time and energy to chant, whereas gemstones do not. Gemstones, on the other hand, are expensive. The time and energy have been spent earning the money required to purchase the gems. In either case, it is clear that some investment of time or money is required. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Examples of Results from Changing Mantras

S.M (Seattle, WA). - "As part of a large scale reorganization, my entire department at Boeing was laid off. I received my layoff notice in the mail and contacted you the next day. On your recommendation I began chanting the Venus Mantra. I have never chanted a mantra before and the whole idea was very strange to me. After 3 days of chanting the mantra, I got a call from my boss. He said there had been a change. They had decided to lay off the entire department, except for me! This seemed to be more than a coincidence".

T.S (New York, NY) - "I have been chanting the Ketu Mantra for the past year and have found that it makes me feel very smooth and seems to increase my intuition".

N.K (San Jose, CA) - After chanting the Jupiter Mantra 19 thousand times, out of the blue, I got a great job offer."


Meditation is the mother of all remedial techniques. In fact it is the most powerful method known for enhancing the quality of life. Through the practice of meditation the karmic impressions which cause the person to feel limited, instead of free and happy, are released more quickly and without incurring new karmas. As a result, the mind expands and is able to express more creativity, joy and peace. Life seems much more easy and fulfilling when you meditate regularly.

When I am discussing the spiritual area of the horoscope with a client, the subject of meditation frequently comes up. Many clients tell me that they have tried to meditate in the past, but have not been very successful. Sometimes I find that the reason for this is simply that they are doing the wrong kind of meditation. Not every person is wired for the same kind of meditation. In fact for some people, their horoscope suggests that they should simply go for a long walk every day instead of closing their eyes to meditate. For most people, however, at least a little closed-eye, sitting meditation can be very helpful.

In this respect, the most common complaint is "I can't meditate because I have too many thoughts. I've tried to meditate, but my mind won't settle down no matter what I do." To this I always say, "Of course! This is exactly right. The mind is impossible to control. But this doesn't mean you can't meditate. It simply means you have never learned how to understand or deal with thoughts that come during meditation."

Meditation is probably the single most important thing you can do in life to produce greater energy, vitality and happiness. It is listed as the number one remedial technique for dealing with difficult astrological periods. Yet most people spend only token energy trying to learn how to meditate. They play a tape, read a book, and never really get serious instruction. On the other hand, think of how much time and energy you have spent trying to promote your career. Before you even apply for a job you complete 16-20 years of education costing thousands of dollars. Then when you finally embark on your career you still go back periodically for continuing education to stay current in your field. Over the years you put in countless hours and endure massive pressure and stress all in the pursuit of making a living. All of this effort, however, does not insure that you will be able to enjoy what you have achieved. The world is full of highly successful executives and professionals who suffer from anxiety and stress and are mildly or even severely depressed. They lead empty lives with little joy or passion.

Meditation is also the most effective method for releasing stress and promoting general well being. During meditation, the mind becomes habituated to experiencing a more refined, expanded, and joyful state of awareness. After meditation, this state of consciousness carries over into activity providing the foundation for enjoying the outer areas of life more fully.

During meditation, the mind and body become very rested. Many studies have been done on various types of meditation at places like Harvard Medical School and Stanford Research Institute. They found that meditation delivers a state of physiological rest that is much deeper than sleep. This means that when you meditate, your body is gaining deep rest. After meditation, you feel more refreshed, alert, and alive. The mind tends to feel happy for no reason. This is very similar to the experience that we all sometimes have when we get up in the morning after a very good night's sleep. We feel fresh, rested, and happy for no reason. During the day, everything goes better because our level of mental energy is high and the mind itself is more peaceful and joyful. This is a natural experience. Meditation does the same thing, only on a much more profound level. Because the level of rest that it delivers is much deeper than sleep, the level to which it revitalizes and freshens the mind and body is much greater. As a result of regular meditation, the level of background energy, creativity, and happiness increases in the mind. We then carry this with us to meet every experience and every activity with a fulfilled mind.



Yagyas are rituals that are performed by Vedic Pundits (priests) for the purpose of working with karmas in the horoscope. Like gemstones and mantras, yagyas can be very effective at improving the quality of life.During a yagya, a vedic pundit makes a fire and offers various substances into the fire while constantly chanting long, powerful mantras. The yagya can last from two hours for a very short one, to as much as a hundred days in some cases. In ancient India, these yagyas were not actually performed for individuals as much as for the society or the community. Kings would have yagyas done for the country. Great sages would sometimes do yagyas for helping mankind in some way. Communities would do yagyas to protection from harm or to help with the crops. Families would have yagyas done to have children or to create prosperity. In any case, the use of yagyas for individual purposes has been less common in the past. Recently, however, individual westerners have begun to perform yagyas for creating prosperity, good health, etc, with very good results. These rituals can be arranged at a person's home, but because of the scarcity of authentic Vedic Pundits in the West, most yagyas are done, with the recipient absent, in India. The fact that the recipient of the Yagya is not present does not seem to matter. In many cases, a yagya will be effective in dealing with a problem which a gemstone or a mantra is not able to help.

A good source for setting up a Yagya in India is the Vedic Yagya Foundation. This organization is trustworthy and has been setting up yagyas for westerners for many years. It also has reasonable rates.

To see a video of 9 planets yagya that was done at the World Conference on Mundane Astrology in Vishakhapatnam India in October of 2010, click on the video icon on the upper right sidebar.


Donation as an Upaya

One of the most effective remedial measures is donation.  The classical texts suggest, for example, that if a person is sick and wishes to quickly shed the karmas producing the illness, he can make a donation to a hospital or to a sick person.  The concept is quite simple and direct.  The theory of karma suggests that  if we are experiencing ill health, it is because of some negative "papa karma" from the past that is specifically related to health.  The obvious counter measure would be to spend our time and energy promoting good health for ourselves and others. 

Donating money to a sick person or to a hospital or to an organization that is devoted to healing is a very easy and effective way to  produce "positive health karma".   My favorite place to make such donations is to the Sri Onkar Singh Memorial Trust in india.  This as a non profit organization that was started by a group of Doctors in India who decided to donate their services several times a year to do free medical camps.  One of the founders of this organization was Dr. K.S. Charak.  Dr. Charak is surgeon,  long time friend and fellow astrologer.  He is also one of the leading authorities on medical astrology in the world.  Since this is a small organization it is unencumbered by administrative costs and red tape.  Literally every cent you donate goes to directly help poor villagers in India receive free medical care and urgently needed surgeries.  I can't think of a better way to work out health karma than by making a donation.

If you would like to make a donation to Dr. Charaks Medical camps you can see a great video about his work and find out about donation details by click on the following link: http://medicalrelief.in/index.php.