The Nakshatras Part 1

The nakshatras are the twenty seven lunar constellations that form the foundation of Vedic astrology. Mastering the understanding of the nakshatras is essential for any serious student of jyotish.

In this class, Jim describes the various symbolic meanings of each of the nakshatras, as well as how to use them in the process of chart delineation.


Audio - MP3 format with over 15 hours of audio, including a thirty-minute excerpt from an actual reading.  Video - Powerpoint or optional PDF files of  more than 100 slides, illustrations, and example charts. 

Since the audio and the video files on this class are separate, you can listen to the audio on its own in order to facilitate memorization of all of the intricate symbolism of the nakshatras.

Prerequisites:  This class is appropriate for beginning through advanced  students of Vedic astrology.

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