Swara Yoga

The yogic science of breath awareness used for making decisions and predictions.

Swara Yoga, or Swaradaya, is the ancient science of breath awareness.  Not to be confused with pranayama, the science of breath control, Swara Yoga is the art of using the breath as a vehicle for gaining insights in life.  For thousands of years, yogis have made use of this science to make predictions and decisions, both for themselves and for others.  In Swara Yoga, one learns how to interpret the subtle changes of prana flowing through the nadis, and how to apply that knowledge to the material world.  This is how astrologers have used swara for answering questions and making accurate  predictions.  The ancient classic, Prashna Marga, hints at the use of swara and recommends it as a good method for prediction.  But you don't have to be an astrologer to benefit from this class.  Anybody who can take a breath, can make accurate predictions immediately, using this powerful science.

4.5 Hours | Audio & Slide Presentation

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