Path of Light Volume II

The Domains of Life

In Path of Light, Volume 2: The Domains of Life, James Kelleher presents a systematic and comprehensive approach to Vedic horoscope analysis, focusing on the primary domains of modern life. Building on ancient principals culled from many classical texts, and drawing on more than 20 years of full-time professional practice, the author clearly describes how to evaluate each domain of life so that clear-cut and meaningful insights can be discerned.

Kelleher clarifies the Vedic method of prediction by describing how to use divisional charts in tandem with nakshatra and drekkana symbolism when interpreting planetary periods. The chapter on the drekkanas contains 36 original line drawings in Indian traditional style, along with clear descriptions on how to interpret the drekkanas for prediction.

Besides the typical domains of life such as health, career, money, and relationships, Volume 2 also addresses domains which are not commonly covered in most introductory texts, such as vehicles, residence, parents, spirituality and even pets. In combination with Path of Light, Volume 1, this book provides a complete approach to Vedic horoscope analysis.


Forward by Dr. David Frawley

Review by Linda Johnson, Mountain Astrologer

Detailed review by Marianne Jacuzzi, CVA Journal

Table of Contents


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