Path of Light Volume I

Introduction to Vedic Astrology

In Path of Light, Volume I: Introduction to Vedic Astrology, James Kelleher presents a comprehensive introduction to the science of Jyotish, the astrology of India. The first of a two-volume set, Volume I covers the principal building blocks of Jyotish, describing the signs, planets, houses and nakshatras in a lucid style.

The nakshatras are explained by delving deeply into the symbolism and mythology of the twenty-seven lunar constellations. Ancient myths and stories related to the nakshatras are introduced, exposing a largely unexplored "gold mine" of archetypes, valuable to both advanced and beginning students of Vedic astrology. Twenty-seven original paintings done by a Rajasthani master artist, vividly depicting the nakshatra-related myths in a traditional style are also presented.

Volume I contains a substantive section on the houses of the horoscope, including a methodical treatment of planets and house ruler placements in the twelve houses. This text serves as a valuable reference for any serious student of Jyotish. James Kelleher also provides a free chart calculator on his. 

Forward By Dr. David Frawley

Review by Linda Johnson, Mountain Astrologer

Detailed review by Marianne Jacuzzi, CVA Journal.

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Sample of Nakshatra Art


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