The Nakshatras Part 2: Applying Cosmic Symbolism


In the original class, The Nakshatras, Part 1, Jim described the various components of nakshatra symbolism in depth.  In this class, The Nakshatras Part 2, he focuses on how to use nakshatra symbolism in a horoscope during an actual reading. 

There are a variety of ways to use nakshatras in Jyotish.  They can be used for psychological analysis, for house analysis, transits, eclipses, and they can even be used in divisional charts to make detailed observations about  specific areas of life.  Nakshatras are the secret sauce for understanding Muhurtha and Mundane astrology as well.  If you understand how to use nakshatra symbolism,  your predictions will improve dramatically.  In fact, of all the techniques in classical Jyotish, there is nothing that remotely compares to the skillful use of nakshatras for making accurate, detailed and precise predictions.  

During this class, Jim explores the tapestry of the nakshatras, using lots of example charts, and drills down on helping you hone in your ability to see the chart more clearly. Nakshatras are the key to seeing detail.  Detail is what makes the chart transparent.  If you understand the symbolism of the nakshatras, and if you learn how to apply that symbolism, you will have a robust technique that allows you to see much greater detail when you are giving a reading.  

Format:   MP4 recordings of a webinar given February - April, 2024. Nine classes, about two hours each.  Supplemental material, including a link to Quizlet flash cards for reinforcing memorization of the Nakshatra symbolism.

Prerequisites:  This class is appropriate for intermediate through advanced  students of Vedic astrology.  However, it is highly recommended that you memorize the elements of nakshatra symbolism, given in Path of Light Volume 1, first.  It is also recommended that you take The Nakshatras, Part 1 first. 


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