Astrological Services

Natal Reading - $250

A comprehensive interpretation of the Vedic natal horoscope. This one-hour reading includes a psychological profile, an evaluation of the potentials of various aspects of life (e.g., finance, emotion, career, etc.) and predictions of trends and events for the next three years.  This is where James starts with all new clients.  Once you have done a natal reading, you are welcome to book any other type of reading.  For more about this policy, read the terms and conditions in the footer menu  at the bottom of the page.

Yearly Chart Service - $250

A complete astrological reading for any 12-month period, which interprets the planetary cycles of the Vedic annual horoscope. This one-hour reading includes predictions and a detailed discussion of trends throughout the year.

Relationship Chart - $250

A one-hour reading in which the natal horoscopes of two individuals are compared for the purpose of gaining deeper insight into the dynamics of their relationship. This can be applied to marriages, business relationships, friendships, family relationships, etc.


The selection of a good time to begin important events - Sliding fee based on time, normally $65 for a day and $130 for a day and a time.A useful technique that enhances the outcome of important events in life by choosing the best time for beginning marriage, incorporation, new projects, etc.

Question Charts - $65

A detailed reading on any particular question. This chart can be quite helpful in gaining insight at pivotal moments in life.

Location Reading (Sliding fee based on time)

Interpretation of the planetary influences on various locations. This can be used as an effective aid in deciding fortunate places to move, work, invest, etc.

Prescriptive Reading - $250

Jyotish includes not only the art of horoscope interpretation, but also a variety of ancient techniques and prescriptions designed to enhance one's attunement to planetary energy, and to promote greater harmony and fulfillment in life. The recommendations made in this reading are individualized and based on the Vedic natal horoscope.

Booking a Reading by Time

If none of the preceding reading formats suit your purpose, then you can book a reading by time. Jim books in 15 minute increments. The fee is $65 for the first 15 minutes,  $130 for a half an hour, $190 for 45 minutes, and $250 per hour. Please note:  This service is only available for clients who have had already had a natal reading from James.

Meditation Classes - $275

One of the best ways to stay in tune with your horoscope and to offset challenging astrological periods is to practice meditation. About four times a year, Jim gives a series of classes designed to teach even the most restless-minded person how to meditate effectively. He also gives an advanced meditation class for experienced meditators. Classes are held on three consecutive days, one and a half hours each day.

Readings by Phone

All of the above readings are available by phone.

International Clients

For international clients who have a broadband internet connection, James can be contacted via Skype, a toll-free internet phone service. For a free download of the Skype program go to Once it is downloaded, email James at for his skype contact information.

Recording the Reading

All of the above readings are recorded and sent to the client after the reading.  The readings are sent as a downloadable mp3 file via email usually within a week after the reading.

How  to  Book a Reading:

Call us at 530-265-8410 or

Email us at