Amsterdam Class



Jyotish in Amsterdam 2017

September 14-17, 2017

Nakshatras / Drekkanas / Yearly Chart / Muhurtha 

Join us in Amsterdam for a  four-day intensive on a variety of techniques for building your  skills as an astrologer. James will present a systematic approach to muhurtha, the art of  selecting an auspicious time for starting new projects, marriage, and other important events.  He will spend a day on the nakshatras, as well,  showing you how  to apply the intricate and rich symbolism of the lunar constellations in the  process of chart analysis. He will also introduce you to the  use of drekkanas, which are  based on a division of the sign into three parts. The symbolism of the drekkanas frequently adds an element of detail to chart analysis, that allows the astrologer to see the person more clearly.  Finally, James  will show you how to do an annual reading for a client, using a variety of predictive techniques, that can help you make more  accurate predictions for a specific year.   In the process he will bring lots of example charts, and students can also bring charts for further discussion.    

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