World Predictions 2022

In his annual World Predictions presentation, Jim focuses on the charts of nations and important personalities while he describes the state of the world from the perspective of Vedic astrology. Since 2010, based on the predictions of his teacher, Sadguru Shivananda Murthy,  he has been predicting that 2020 would be a year of world crisis.  In his 2016  world predictions presentation, Jim predicted that, in January of 2020, there would be a world wide pandemic. 

In this presentation,  Jim looks at the direction we are headed from 2022 onward.  Besides sharing his insights on the pandemic, the economy, the Middle East, US politics, and global environmental changes, Jim discusses the likely course of the world in the next decade.  Drawing from the charts of the United States, China, Russia, India, Iran, Israel, and many other countries of the world,  he describes the upcoming world-wide trends and events and show how these events fit into a greater pattern of global evolution. 

Recording:  Slideshow presentation,  MP4 format.  Two parts. Each part is two hours.   First purchase the presentation.  The download link for the recording will be sent to you. .