Divisional Charts

Learn how to use the Divisional Charts in Horoscope Interpretation.

One of the most important techniques available to the Vedic astrologer is the divisional chart. Each sign of the zodiac can be divided into numerous divisions, allowing for the calculation of a special chart for each domain of life. Using these divisional charts in the horoscope interpretation allows the astrologer to zero-in on details that are unavailable by simply looking at the rashi chart. In this class, Jim presents a clear and systematic method for using the divisional charts. He gives a detailed description of all of the various rules, and shows how to use them simply and clearly in numerous example charts. Using this simple method, the astrologer can easily flesh-out the specific details that fill in the picture-frame of the horoscope.
9 - 90 minute classes.

 Prerequisites: This class is appropriate for intermediate to advanced students of Vedic astrology.

Recommended Text: Path of Light, Volume 1 & Volume 2

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