The Psychological Profile

In this class, you will explore the intricate dynamics of the personality. One of the most important aspects of an astrological reading is the psychological profile. And yet, this has been grossly underrated, ignored and overlooked by many jyotish. This is partly due to the fact that India is not a land of psychology. In India, astrologers are reinforced for giving predictions, not for giving psychological insight. For this reason, most Vedic astrologers focus on giving prediction on various events in life, and only give a surface treatment to the client’s inner wiring.

In this class we will explore the intricate dynamics of psychology.  We will not only dissect each astrological combinations, one at a time, but we will also explore the numerous patterns that emerge as we reveal the inner landscape of the client’s unique mental and emotional patterning.

We will also apply this knowledge to prediction. Understanding the person’s psychological wiring is fundamental for understanding the likely choices he will make, and therefore, the directions he will take with his free will. In fact, if you don’t understand psychology, you are bound to fail in prediction.  

This class is open to everyone, and students at all levels are bound to benefit. If you are an advanced or intermediate student, this class will fill in a gap in your understanding and practice of Jyotish. If you are a beginning student, this class will lay a firm foundation for understanding the client. It is the first step in chart analysis, the most important foundation for giving a reading.

Prerequisite: Although this class is suitable for all levels, reading Path of LighVolume 1 and Volume 2 and also taking Jyotish Fundamentals is highly recommended. This is not really a class for the absolutely raw beginner. Some beginner knowledge is recommended.

Recommended Text: Path of Light - Volume 1 and Volume 2


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