Light on Donald Trump

You may think that you know Donald Trump, based on his flamboyant and outrageous public image.  But do you?  You may hate him or you may love him, but all you really know about him is based on what is presented in the media, and what he reveals through his provocative media events and sound-bites.  

In this 90 minute presentation, we will delve into the essence of Donald Trump, as shown in his  horoscope.  Looking behind the mask and behind the projected image, we will explore his deepest motivations,  search out is inner nature,  and make predictions for his term in office.  Never before have we had a president who was so controversial, at such an important turning point in US history.  We owe it to ourselves to  try to understand who he really  is, and where he is taking us.  
Format:  MP4 Slide Presentation

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