The Drekkanas are a division of each sign into three equal parts. They are rich with symbolism and provide the astrologer with the raw material necessary for making detailed predictions. The drekkana chart is also an incredibly important divisional chart with a variety of uses.

Just as the zodiac is divided into twelve signs and twenty-seven Nakshatras, it can also be divided into thirdy-six drekkanas. A drekkana is a one-third division of a sign. The drekkanas are described in detail in the last chapter of the Brihat Jataka by Sage Varahamihira. Similar to the imagery of the Tarot, the drekkanas are vivid images, rich with symbolism, which provide a fertile ground from which the intuitive astrologer can sometimes make stunning observations.

In this class, Jim systematically elaborates on the intricate symbolism of each drekkana and then shows how that symbolism comes to life in example horoscopes.

He also demonstrates the various uses of the drekkana chart, which is one of the most flexible and helpful of all the Vargas.

Beautifully produced and digitally mastered, the course also includes a slide presentation in both South and North Indian styles, and in both PDF and Powerpoint formats.

This class is an indispensable learning tool for any serious jyotish student intent on mastering the symbology and techniques of the drekkana.

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