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Do you realize that in ancient times, astrologers were beheaded for not alerting the emperors in advance about eclipses? Eclipses were taken as negative omens. It's true, they're not the greatest days for important new beginnings or advancing one's material affairs. On the other hand, there is really no need to make them into dreaded events. In fact, eclipses are wonderful for introspection, meditation, cleaning house, letting go of old baggage, quiet time or any other spiritual pursuit. The idea of paying attention to eclipses, or any astrological event for that matter, is simply to harmonize your action with the astrological weather.

Eclipses can be used on different levels as well. The most common way to use an eclipse in astrology is as an omen or sign portending global trends or events. Typically, because the eclipse is caused by a shadow passing across the Sun or the Moon, it is taken as an indication of negative events, suggesting problems for particular countries, leaders, or some aspect of world politics. On the other hand, eclipses can also be used for individuals. The astrological house in which the eclipse takes place will usually become sensitized for up to 6 months. If the eclipse falls near the same degree as a planet in the person's natal chart, then it affects that planet and everything it symbolizes in the chart. If the eclipse falls on the person's natal Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or ruler of the Ascendant, then it will have a powerful effect.

In the course of the ordinary activities of day-to-day life, eclipses should be avoided for important new beginnings in material areas. If you are thinking about starting a business, getting married, approaching your boss for a promotion, or proposing to your girlfriend, then an eclipse is not the time to do it. On the other hand, if you are thinking about going camping, going on a retreat, starting psychotherapy, ending a relationship, quitting a job, cleaning house, or just spending some quiet time, then an eclipse can be a good time to start.

In the decision making process, eclipses come in handy as well. If, for example, you find your dream house, or someone makes you a job offer at the time of an eclipse, it is generally a good idea to leave it. Things which you are presented with at this time are usually either short-lived or develop unforeseen problems later. If the thing that you are deciding is of an introspective or spiritual nature, however, then the eclipse might indicate a positive outcome.

The nakshatra in which an eclipse falls will also give a clue to its effect on both nations and individuals. Generally, the nakshatra, and whatever it symbolizes, will be spoiled for the next six months after the eclipse. For this reason various remedial measures have been prescribed by the ancient Vedic Rishis in order to counteract the effect of an eclipse in each nakshatra. In India, it is common for people to fast for 10 hours before an eclipse and then perform a havan (fire ritual) in the middle of the eclipse. In the west, where Vedic pundits are more scarce, the recommended activity during an eclipse is meditation, or possibly the chanting of an appropriate mantra for the nakshatra in which the eclipse is occurring. Please refer to the following notes of upcoming eclipses for appropriate mantras for specific eclipses.



Partial Solar Eclipse
January 5, 2019
5:41 p.m.  PST
26 degrees Sagittarius 
Purva Ashadha Nakshatra



There will also be a partial solar eclipse on January 5, at 5:41 p.m. Pacific time.  This eclipse will take place in Purva Ashadha Nakshatra and will be joined by Saturn and Mercury.  In spite of the fact that this is only a partial eclipse, the conjunction with Saturn makes it a challenging one.  Purva Ashadha nakshatra is ruled by Apas, the god of water.  In a previous newsletter, I talked about Saturn's transit in Purva Ashadha and the effect it has on issues related to water, world-wide.  So this eclipse isn't doing anything new, but it is magnifying challenges in this area.


Purva Ashadha's shakti is the power to energize, so the eclipse also further challenges us to get our global act together in addressing issues related to making a transition from carbon based energy sources to renewable sources. It could also suggest an increase in various types of power-related problems in various regions  of the world.


On the personal level, the next couple months will be a good time to work on your health, especially with respect to increasing your general energy level.  The tendency of the eclipse, left to its  own, is to diminish energy.  However, if you work at improving your energy, you could  reverse this tendency and even increase your energy.  Diet, exercise, staying  hydrated, and eliminating refined carbohydrates from your diet might be a good place to start.  In any case, there is no reason that you have to feel sluggish if you simply make an effort.


The Mantra for this eclipse is 
Om Shri Purva Ashadha Nakshatra Devataye Namah



Total Lunar Eclipse
January 20, 2019
9:12 p.m.
6 degrees Cancer
Pushya Nakshatra


There will be a total lunar eclipse on January 20, 2019 at 9:12 p.m. Pacific time.   The eclipse begins at 7:34 p.m. and ends at 10:51 p.m. and will be located in the middle of Pushya nakshatra.  Pushya is the nakshatra ruled by Brihaspati, the guru of all the gods.  It is a nakshatra related to truth and dharma.  The eclipse here will further erode the ability for the masses to tune in to what is right, true, real and in line with nature.  Saturn transiting Sagittarius, the sign of dharma (December, 2017 - January, 2020) has been reflecting this erosion of dharma over the past 13 months, so the Lunar eclipse in Pushya will simply amplify this influence. 


For the United States, the eclipse falls on the natal Mercury, the planet that rules the media and the president. For Donald Trump, it hits his natal Venus, the planet that rules his career. These factors do not augur well for Trump's public image in the next few months. It is interesting to note that the eclipse coincides with the beginning of the new democrat majority in Congress, which will undoubtedly produce friction for Mr. Trump.  I will talk more about the erosion of dharma which culminates in December of 2020, and Donald Trump, in my World Predictions, 2019 Webinar that will take place on January 16th & 17th at 7 p.m. Pacific time. 


On another level, Pushya is a nakshatra that is symbolized by the udder of a cow and is connected with nourishment, making this an eclipse that produces a sense of pressure or limitation related food.  In countries, susceptible to famine, this creates an astrological stress point.  For example, the charts of Congo, South Sudan, and Yemen will all receive challenging conjunctions by the eclipse to key factors, related to food,  in their charts. 


For individuals in general, the next few months is a good time to stay on your diet, speak your  truth softly, and also speak out against what is not true.  Pushya's shakti (energy) is the power to create spiritual energy.  Since eclipses are the best of all times to move in the spiritual direction, this is an excellent time for any type of spiritual practice.


During the 24 hour period leading up to the eclipse, it is a good idea to either fast or eat lightly.  Fasting can mean drinking only water, or it can mean restricting your  diet partially.  For example, if you are non vegetarian, a fast could be to simply not eat meat on that day.  For a vegetarian, a fast could be to eat more simple, healthy foods.  During the eclipse period itself, it is generally recommended to be more introspective.  That period is a good time to do extra meditation, for example. 


The Mantra for this eclipse is Om Shri Pushyami Nakshatra Devataye Namah.



James Kelleher
James Kelleher


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