2020 Mid Year Review and Predictions Webinar, The Coronavirus & Other Insights, July 19, 2020

Join us for a 90 minute presentation in which James will review the astrological situation in 2020, taking the wild and crazy events that have already occurred this year into account.   If you have followed his annual World Predictions lectures over the past 12 years, you will know that, over that time,  James has been consistently talking about 2020 as the year big year to watch for a variety of challenging events, including a pandemic that he predicted for January of 2020.  

The emphasis on 2020 as a pivotal year, was predicted by his teacher,  Swami Sivanandamurthy, who encouraged James to research the astrological influences around this year and to talk about it in his lectures.  Sivanandamurthy's prediction was based on a Jupiter Saturn conjunction this year.  That conjunction started in March of 2020 and will become exact in December of 2020, so hit hasn't yet hit its most intense point yet.

In this presentation, James will go more deeply into what we can expect as we get closer to the exact conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, looking at some of the important astrological combinations that are forming between now and then.  

As usual, James will discuss a variety of charts and will also take questions. 
Date:  July 19, 2020
Time:  12: p.m. Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)
Recording: MP4 file.  The recording will be available to download after the presentation.  If you can't be present at the webinar, then you can download and view the slide-show recording on your own.  

How to access the presentation.   First purchase the presentation.   One week before the presentation, you will be sent a link to register.  If you do not receive the link, make sure you check your spam or junk folders in your email browser.  Click on the link and register right away and register.   Once you register, the system will send you another link to get in to the presentation for the day of the webinar. 

If you would like to view a free twenty minute video of the past predictions, click here.